Wake Pediatric Speech Therapy, PLLC

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Wake Pediatric Speech Therapy, PLLC offers FREE speech and language screenings.  Screenings are brief (approximately 10 minutes) and provide a cursory look at your child's speech and language development.  

We also provide formal evaluations which are more in depth (typically last about an hour) and are used to identify specific areas of strengths and needs in order to determine if speech therapy is recommended.  Formal evaluations are offered in the following areas:  articulation (pronunciation of sounds), phonology (production of different groups of sounds), receptive language (comprehension), expressive language (use of verbal language), pragmatics (social language), fluency (stuttering), and feeding/ swallowing.  A comprehensive evaluation report is included as part of the initial assessment. Pricing for evaluations vary depending upon each families' individual insurance policy. 

Speech Therapy services are provided for the following delays or disorders:

  • articulation

  • phonology

  • apraxia of speech

  • receptive language

  • expressive language

  • social language

  • stuttering

  • augmentative and alternative communication

  • swallowing / feeding

Please contact us to inquire about pricing or for any questions regarding screenings, evaluations, or therapy services.